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Digital Consulting Services

Set up a meeting with our digital team. We can help you plan efficient and mature marketing strategies, train your team leaders, and execute special projects the right way.

Our team can provide a fresh perspective on the digital challenges facing your company, and can work with you to address each going forward.

Together, we will help your brand organically grow.

Digital marketing and software development

A-Z Branding Services

Create or renovate your identity.

The first step in a successful branding strategy? A consistent tone of voice across every platform, to accurately reflect your brand’s standards and uniqueness, and to maintain brand’s integrity across different channels. And that’s only one of many aspects we can help with.

Our team can help you create or renovate your brand’s identity, set its tone of voice, elevate its visuals, and keep it consistent in the digital space; whether that is social media, email, or website. We can also tailor branding strategies to meet your business needs and to give you a competitive edge, all while gradually building credibility and customer loyalty.

Web & Mobile Development Services

Enhance customer experiences.

Maximize your brand’s influence on targeted customers, increase conversion rates, and guarantee positive results. Our team can design a user-friendly website for your brand, based on thorough analysis for your business and your unique customers behavior.

Our team can also develop custom web apps, created in a way that decreases downtime while increasing efficiency. There is no need for users to install these apps on their hard drives. Additionally, we can create custom mobile apps that work equally well across different screen sizes and devices, to help you tap into a larger audience base.

Progmix web design

Web Design

Progmix web development

Web Development

Progmix mobile development

Mobile App Development

Chatbot & Omni-Channel Development Services

Address customer queries & improve communication.

Enhance customer experience, and communicate better with each customer to address issues and respond to complaints in a timely manner. A chatbot can help you do just that, by helping you engage in rich conversational experiences your customers will grow to appreciate.

Our team can build you a chatbot from scratch, based on your own KPIs, and can integrate your chatbot with your business’s various online channels perfectly. The chatbot you will get can send broadcasts, segment users, and define roles to handoff the conversation from bot to human when necessary.

Empowering your cloud transformation.

Cloud Operations Solutions

In the rapidly evolving landscape of cloud computing, Progmix CloudOps (PCops) emerges as your trusted partner, offering a comprehensive suite of services tailored to the unique needs of startups, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), and enterprise organizations. Our team of certified cloud professionals specializes in architecting, optimizing, and managing cloud-based solutions, enabling you to harness the full potential of cloud computing while focusing on your core business objectives.

Advanced Digital Marketing Strategies

Maximize your exposure.

Capture competitive market share while getting the results you want. Our digital marketing team will develop content written specifically for your ideal buyers, by building user personas and targeting each with engaging content.

Make it simple for your clients to find you online by ranking high in organic search results from well-known search engines like Google. Our team can give you this organic edge by utilizing comprehensive SEO, and by using paid media strategies aligned with the overall goals of your company. Own your social media channels, customize them for your users, engage and support your ideal customers online 24/7.

Paid Advertising Campaigns

Grow your leads & keep them for life.

Reach more potential customers, by launching successful advertising campaigns on the most popular search engines out there. Let us take care of that for you. We are part of a global community of specialists known for top-notch technical skills and great services.

Our growth-focused team of experts will ensure healthy business growth for your brand with ROI-driven SEO and paid media.

Progmix Google and Meta Partner

Our Clients.

Building long-term partnerships, one client at a time

We shall earn your trust just like we earned theirs, through transparent communication, integrity, and great results.

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