Maximize your exposure

Advanced Digital Marketing Strategies.

Capture competitive market share while getting the results you want. Our digital marketing team will develop content written specifically for your ideal buyers, by building user personas and targeting each with engaging content.

Make it simple for your clients to find you online by ranking high in organic search results from well-known search engines like Google. Our team can give you this organic edge by utilizing comprehensive SEO, and by using paid media strategies aligned with the overall goals of your company. Own your social media channels, customize them for your users, engage and support your ideal customers online 24/7.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing.

Progmix will connect you with the best social media influencers and industry experts to promote your business. With our rich network of influencers, each native ad created by our experts will resonate better with your customers.
Email Marketing

E-mail Marketing.

Progmix offers cost-effective email marketing solutions for retargeting, promoting, and improving website traffic. By popping creatively in the customer’s inbox, your customer won’t be able to resist clicking and browsing your products, services, and offers.
Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising.

Progmix can increase sales, brand awareness, and meet various online business needs. Reach KPIs easily, no matter which platform these are related to, be it Google, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, web pages or mobile apps.
Content Marketing

Content Marketing.

Progmix experts can create original rich content, 100% relevant to your specific audience. The right content will drive leads, improve SEO, and establish you as an industry leader.
Social Media Management

Social Media Management.

Progmix can help make the best use of social media platforms. When utilized correctly, social media can connect you with the right target audience, thus driving traffic and increasing sales, all while building a better brand’s presence online. We also use an Omni-channel approach to drive traffic repeatedly, and improve customer loyalty.
Progmix SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Progmix can help you to captivate any audience, by ranking you higher organically on every search engine, through optimized content, backlinks building, and smart SEO tricks and techniques.
Pay-Per-Click Ads (PPC)

Pay-Per-Click (PPC).

Progmix offers a fast way to get your business seen through paid advertising on search engines. You will only be charged each time your ad is clicked, so we will make sure every click counts.
E-Commerce Marketing

E-Commerce Marketing.

Progmix keeps up with the fast-changing trends Worldwide as they happen, to make use of each trend creatively, driving traffic to your e-commerce site, converting traffic into paying customers, and eventually turning paying customers into loyal ones.
Graphic Design

Graphic Design.

Progmix creative team will craft artistic visual concepts to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, and captivate. We can design logos, business cards, posters, infographics, software interfaces, and much more.
Display and Video Advertising

Display and Video Advertising.

Progmix can create live banners and video ads to target niche audiences, in a way that matches your business requirements and targeting criteria every time.
SMS Bulk Messaging

SMS Bulk Messaging.

Progmix can reach your customers through direct texts delivered to their mobile phones smoothly and in a timely manner. Our analytics tools will show you how bulk SMS will spare your time and money while promoting your business.