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About Us.

We Are

Progmix is an experienced and reliable business partner. Our multi-skilled team is specialized in marketing, technology, and business growth. For over 10 years, we have been developing tech solutions and providing business consultancy for small-to-large businesses and NGOs in the MENA region, forming local and global key partnerships along the way. The past decade was merely chapter one of our story, we have many more chapters to write still. Join us on this journey of growth and success.


Moving the wheels of still economies forward, locally and globally, by assisting businesses in different sectors to achieve their goals, no matter how out of reach these seem to be. Achieving it all by optimizing digitalization in every step, to sustain success and growth for years to come.


Pushing enterprises forward to fulfill their potential, through digital solutions and marketing strategies created using top-notch technologies. Each client is a partner for life, together we advance and prosper.


We start with a comprehensive evaluation for your current positioning, to pinpoint and identify key areas of improvement.

We set an action plan for scaling your business with well identified milestones.

We rely on a team of professionals, each is an expert in a specific field, to execute the plan.

We measure KPIs and invest in well-developed analytics tools.

We guarantee results. Your success is the goal and priority.