Privacy Policy.

  1. Purpose of Policy: Progmix privacy policy aims to provide a clear understanding to users of its platform on the different aspects of collecting, using, and protecting your Personally Identifiable Information.
  2. Collection of Information: When completing online forms, you will be asked to fill in several data fields, including name, email address, mobile number, company name, … etc. Such data is meant to help us assess you right, and get back to you later on.
  3. Use of Information: we need this information to follow-up with you on the fields of your interest as well as to send you useful information.
  4. Protection of Information: We keep your information secure as we regularly scan our platform for malware, not to mention that only limited staff members have access to your information, and that is based on professional relevance to your project.
  5. Third-party Disclosure: Progmix does not sell or transfer your Personally Identifiable Information to other parties, unless a notice is issued in advance for you to clearly disclose the purpose of sharing such info.