Address customer queries & improve communication

Chatbot & Omni-Channel Development.

Enhance customer experience, and communicate better with each customer to address issues and respond to complaints in a timely manner. A chatbot can help you do just that, by helping you engage in rich conversational experiences your customers will grow to appreciate.

Our team can build you a chatbot from scratch, based on your own KPIs, and can integrate your chatbot with your business’s various online channels perfectly. The chatbot you will get can send broadcasts, segment users, and define roles to handoff the conversation from bot to human when necessary.

Omni-Channel Solutions

We will help you maintain a consistent customer experience across all of your brand’s channels. Our Omni-Channel approach will create solid interconnected experiences, regularly providing customers with seamless services on the channel they prefer most, whether that is email, social media, website.. or else.

Why should you have a chatbot?

Customized Experiences

We build chatbots customized for your needs, including: customer service, recruitment, bookings, sales.

Witty Conversations

We tweak the chatbot conversational skills based on your brand’s tone and preference. Creating human-friendly chatbot experiences.

Smooth Connections

We can connect you with a bigger audience on different channels. Communicate smoothly with customers on their favorite chat app, to make it easier for followers and potential customers to get in touch.

Better Engagement

We can engage with your customers via broadcast, and invite them to subscribe to your chatbot. Once subscribed, you can send manual messages/recurring updates in bulk, or to specific segments of your audience.

Human Touch

We give your chatbot a human touch. Many interactions require human engagement, therefore we program the chatbot with specific scenarios that trigger handing over the conversation to a capable team member as soon as they occur, before handing it back to the bot when done.

Success Evaluation

We measure your success regularly. Track and analyze your chatbot performance, and get useful user insights through easy-to-understand metrics and reports.

Chatbot Structure Planning

First, we go through your requirements and specifications, then we custom-design an intelligent chatbot guaranteed to fit perfectly with your business.

Chatbot Development

We use premium software applications to conduct chat conversations online; via text or text-to-speech, adapted to serve as the perfect replacement for direct human interactions.

API Integration

Our chatbot APIs can be easily integrated across multiple domains and platforms, to give your customers the personalized experiences they need.

Human Handoff

You can improve customer experience further by giving your team control over on-going conversations when needed, through quick handover of conversations from chatbot to human, and back.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

With NLP to identify emotions, intents, and sentiments, our chatbots can easily make risk-aware decisions, to improve each and every future customer interaction.

Reports, Broadcast and Segmentation

Accurately target customers using unique messages tweaked differently for every segment, customized with distinct tone and call-to-action each time. Get valuable insights regularly to improve your customer-chatbot experience.

Progmix Chatbot and Omnichannel