Automate internal core processes using effective management tools

Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions.

Build and grow a successful business. Improve operational efficiency to enhance overall performance and profitability, and gain better control to improve agility. Our team will provide you with the right tools necessary to achieve the previously mentioned, thus helping your business to organize transactions and policies better, both in the short term and the long term.

Our services in enterprise resource planning systems include solutions related to: Human Resource, Health Care Modules, Tracking, Supply Chain, Procurement, Tenders , and CRM.

Progmix ERP

Full ERP Systems.

Progmix can connect you with specialists in the enterprise resource planning systems field. In order to provide your business with the ERP solutions needed for: Human Resources, Health Care Module, Tracking, Supply Chain, Procurement…etc.

Progmix HIS

Health Information Systems (HIS).

Progmix can equip you with top-notch health information systems, to meet your medical facility’s administrational needs effectively.

Progmix POS

Point of Sale Systems (POS).

Progmix high level POS software systems will make it easier for your business to accept payments, and keep track of daily sales.

Progmix HR

Standalone HR Systems.

Progmix HR systems will enable you to easily manage HR tasks. Such systems can help keep employees data safe, manage payroll, organize recruitment processes, track attendance, and much more.